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Do You Worship the Creator?

I just stepped outside this morning, it's a beautiful fall morning, slight touch of crisp cool air, warm fall foliage, roosters crowing, a sky woven with blue and pink that brings to mind a large Monet painting, birds scattering across the sky, the moon high over my back yard.  What a beautiful sight to behold.  My thoughts were, how could there not be a creator? 

I did an article on different kinds of fools, and one was a morally bankrupt person who has no standards and recognizes no law higher than their own mind.  This is the fool that says "There is no God."

This sort of person can't accept a creator's authority in their life, they recognize no higher being than themselves, they recognize no authority higher than their thoughts and ways.  These are the kind that can do great harm to others, yet feel justified and self righteousness about it.  I have a simple solution about the creator question. 

If evolution takes sometimes millions of years to develop, then let them explain human reproduction in light of that. 

Did the man say to the woman, hold on, I need another million years to straighten out some reproduction issues, ok, fine, but no kids happened in that time. Human reproduction has to work out of the box, right now, or no babies.  But fools can't comprehend even the simplest of things, and reproduction is a proof of creation.  Of course, God built into the system diversity, and the ability to breed genetic attributes in or out, but that does not disprove God. The Bible does prove God using basic Bible Forensics.

For example, we know that bacteria was discovered around 400 years ago, yet their relationship to illness was not understood until around 1860 to 1864.  But almost 5000 years ago the creator God told Israel to wash their hands, wash their clothes and dishes, and to quarantine those with certain diseases.  They didn't understand why he told them to do those things, but He knew about bacteria and germs.  There was no need to explain it to them, as they wouldn't have understood, they were uneducated.

The same way rank fools are uneducated, they do not comprehend a higher power than their own carnality.  It is a higher power who created the Sabbath on the 7th day of creation, that also said "I am Lord even of the Sabbath Day", (not Sunday or Friday or any other day.)  And the covenant that He makes with those who want to worship Him in the proper way says concerning the first commandment, "You shall have no other Gods before me."  Then the fourth commandment gives the day He specifies that He wants to be worshipped on. "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."  Don't remember Sunday or Friday, just remember the seventh day of the week, and we are not to work on that day, (it begins at sundown on Friday evening.) 

The word eve means beginning.  Eve's name is symbolic, she was the dawn of a new day, and the beginning of human reproduction. The Saturday Sabbath dawns on Friday eve, and ends Saturday evening at sundown. 

God says, "The Sabbath is a sign between you and me, that I am your God."  Do you keep the Sabbath?  Do you worship the creator as your God?



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