Have you ever wondered why the men of Scotland wear the Egyptian kilt?

 ...and their Egyptian Dna Connection

Why did Egyptian authorities refuse to make public the Dna of Egyptian mummies?  There was a shocking reason why!  Something they didn't want you to know! 

It was all over the internet, reputable and disreputable sources were saying that King Tut's Dna was R1b---whose closest match was that of the men of England, Ireland and Scotland in Western Europe! The E.U.Times released a bombshell article entitled, "King Tut's Dna is Western European."  The article stated: "By entering all the STR data inadvertently shown on the Discovery video, a 99.6 percent fit with the R1b haplogroup is revealed.  The significance is, of course, that R1b is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard — in other words, European through and through."

Reputable sources such as Reuters Africa had a similar article. Basically, the Dna was not supposed to be released to the public, but a Discovery Channel documentary called "King Tut Unwrapped" inadvertently released the STR marker data, by which geneticists were able to reveal that King Tut's Dna predominantly matched the men of England, Ireland and Scotland.  His Dna was only a 1% match to modern Egyptian men.  As strange as all this may sound, could it be possible?  Believe it or not, it is possible.  Is there an Egyptian connection to that of Western Europe?  Have you ever wondered why the men of Scotland wear the Egyptian kilt?  Then, let's read the amazing story of....the Tribe of Manasseh and their Egyptian Dna connection! 

                         DNA...JOSEPH MARRIED AN EGYPTIAN WOMAN!

The Dna evidence that says that Tut's Dna matches that of the men of England, Ireland and Scotland is not lying.  It also matches the Bible, which tells us that while in Egypt, Jacob's favorite son Joseph married an Egyptian woman named Asenath and they had 2 sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.

Jacob crosses his hands as he lays hands on these 2 boys and even though they are half Egyptian, he says "Let my name (Jacob, Israel) be on them." Making these half Egyptian boys as much Israelite as any of his other sons.  This imparts to these 2 special boys the coveted Abrahamic birthright with all the great promises of wealth and national blessings that it entails. The birthright passes from Abraham to Isaac, then to Jacob, and Jacob bypasses Joseph and himself directly lays hands on Josephs 2 sons Ephraim and Manasseh.  Their birthright is very great.

Manasseh's descendants are promised to become a single great nation and Ephraim is told his descendants will become a company of nations. 





Some say the iconic Union Jack is symbolic of the crossed arms of Jacob as he bestows the Abrahamic birthright onto the heads of Ephraim and Manasseh! 

They also receive the Birthright promises!

The British Commonwealth, now called The Commonwealth of Nations fulfills this promise of a company of nations to Ephraim's descendants, and they can show Dna proof that as descendants of Joseph, they do indeed have the Egyptian Dna they received from their mother Asenath. 

America's earliest massive immigrations were from Ireland and Scotland. We intend to show that America, the greatest single nation on the face of the earth, is descended from Manasseh! There is much proof! 


God promised Abraham that his descendants would literally fill the earth...they would be as innumerable as the dust of the earth, as immeasurable as the stars of heaven, as inestimable as the sand of the sea.  That indeed is a lot of descendants of Abraham!  So many assume that the Jews are the only living "descendants" of Abraham on this earth, but they couldn't be more wrong!  The Jews make up one of 2 tribes (Judah and Benjamin) from the Southern Kingdom!  The Northern Kingdom of Israel, had a separate capital and a separate King!  The Northern Kingdom was made up of the other 10 rebellious tribes who were eventually taken captive by the Assyrians in 722 BC and they disappeared from the scene!  But in reality, it was all in God's plan!  They were simply spreading north, south, east and west as God had promised Jacob that they would!  And they were becoming as the sand of the sea, the dust of the earth, the stars of heaven.


God told Jacob that his descendants, would spread north, south, east and west!  Some Jewish scholars believe that the 10 northern tribes of Israel lost their identity when they were taken into captivity for sun (Baal, Bull) worship.  Their Assyrian captors took them north of the Euphrates (far north of Israel) and from there, they migrated into Europe, carrying their false religion, and the Iron Age with them.  They did not wander back to Israel, because 700 years later, the book of James addresses the 12 tribes "scattered abroad."  And Paul also mentions the 12 tribes,

"Unto which promise our twelve tribes, instantly serving God day and

 night, hope to come..." (Written 700 years after the captivity)

As far as the prospect of those Israelites making it from Palestine to Europe, we know that it was a common occurrence even by the time of Paul, and the Romans certainly were able to do it, because they came from Europe themselves and conquered Palestine, ("the road runs both ways, so to speak!) so it was certainly possible for these lost tribes to spread west into Europe.  And, they did spread into Europe because the Iron Age first appears in Europe around 20 years after the Assyrian captivity. 




What do we know about the birthright tribe of Manasseh and their migration into Western Europe, specifically to Ireland and Scotland?  We know they are Josephs descendants and some had Egyptian influence, thus the Scots wear the Egyptian Kilt. They also retain something special. Could the multicolored tartan be the "Coat of many colors" that Jacob gave favorite son Joseph?  It is something to think about.


The tribe of Manasseh had 2 branches, Jair and Makir.

Manasseh...2 national entities...Irish and Scottish

Jair was the ancestor of the Ja(irish) and Makir was ancestor to the Scottish.  And, shock of all shocks, Irish and Scottish dna is identical.  We know that Manasseh was one of the largest tribes because they were split into these 2 entities. 

THE SCOTS (from Makir) and THE IRISH (from Jair)
The Irish are (Ja)irish  The J is silent...Airish, Irish.  The Scots come from Makir...these Manassites are the Macs, the McDonalds, the Macintyre's, etc...and the Scots chose to retain the Egyptian kilt in honor of their Egyptian heritage, from mother Asenath.  This is why King Tut's Dna matches the men of Josephs line, including the men of England (descendants of Ephraim) and Ireland and Scotland (descendants of Manasseh).

****ENGLISH, IRISH AND SCOTS...are descendants of Joseph, through Ephraim and Manasseh...and all have the same dna! Birthright Tribes.

We are not going to cover a lot about the British, because this article is about the tribe of Manasseh, but a few short notes....Berith means  covenant. "  Berith-ish (Brit-ish) means "Covenant Man" in Hebrew. The Brits are no doubt men of the birthright tribes, or covenant tribes.  The Brits were head of the lost 10 tribes that were taken captive, north of the Euphrates, by the Assyrians around 722 BC.  Forensically, we note that these "lost" Israelites took Iron Age technology with them as they migrated into Europe. Iron age technology had only been available in the Middle East up until 20 years before these Israelites arrived in Europe.  They transported the Iron Age from the Middle East into Europe not 20 years after they were taken captive. 

Why did God let them go into captivity and "disappear?"   For one thing, the descendants of Joseph and their fellow tribes had abandoned their God.  It was Jeroboam, an Ephraimite, who led the revolt against God and caused the 10 tribes to take up Baal worship. (Mentioned over 80 times in the Bible.  Baal's wife was Easter, a fertility goddess whose symbols were eggs and bunny rabbits.)  These captive Israelites were taken north, above the Euphrates river, according to Josephus, who was an historian from around the time of Christ.  From there, many of the "10 lost tribes" headed  into Europe.  By the time of Christ, men commonly made the trip, and the Romans certainly made the same trip to get to Judah, so it is no great stretch that the trip could be made!  Even now, migrants make the trip.  So we know it was possible.

The British, then called "Ephraimites", lead the 10 tribes in revolt against God, and under Jeroboam, they set up 2 bull (Baal) calves in Dan and Bethel.  And to this day the British are indeed nicknamed Johnny Bull (Johnny Baal,) as they are the tribe most associated with the bull calf of sun worship. 

English is "Aegel-ish", meaning "Calf Man."
  These Ephraimites had sinned...by adopting calf (sun) worship.

They had a powerful proclivity to lean back on the old religion from Egypt...sun worship! 




Ancient Manasseh had a large territory in Israel on both sides of the Jordan.  The descendants of Jair were counted with Manasseh, The (Ja)irish are the modern day Irish.

(Ja)ir-land is Ireland.  We don't totally understand why Jair could have a Jewish grandfather and still be called a descendant of Manasseh, but Numbers 32:39-42 tells us Jair was counted as a descendant of Manasseh. 

"The descendants of Makir son of Manasseh went to Gilead, captured it and drove out the Amorites who were there.  So Moses gave Gilead to the Makirites, the descendants of Manasseh, and they settled there.  Jair, a descendant of Manasseh, captured their settlements and called them Havvoth Jair.  And Nobah captured Kenath and its surrounding settlements and called it Nobah after himself." NIV

MACHIR...The Macs, Machir is the Son of Manasseh  The Scots are descended from Manasseh

The Scots are the "Macs" or descendants of Machir, also called Makir, the son of Manasseh.  There are thousands of McDonalds, and McMullen's and Macs of all kinds with Scottish heritage.  It is possible that the word America may come from the Hebrew word Ha-Machiri.  Machir literally means "sold." It means capitalism. Not only is Mac(hir) a Scottish thing, the coat of many colors (tartan) given by Jacob to their ancestor Joseph is a proud thing for the Scots. 

Could the Tartan be the COAT OF MANY COLORS??

...The Tartan  
Descendants of Machir, of Manasseh still wear with pride the fine woven tartan, the coat of many colors that Jacob gave Joseph, their ancestor.  It was not a rag coat, it was expensive, prestigious.  And since Joseph married an Egyptian woman, the Scots also still proudly wear the Egyptian kilt in honor of their Egyptian heritage as well. 

Machir's descendants were called HaMachiran....sounds like American.  They were also called HaMakiri, possibly where the word Amerigo came from...then to America.  Manasseh's number was 13, why?  Even though Manasseh was the oldest, when Jacob laid his hands on the 2 boys, he crossed his arms and laid his right hand on Ephraim instead of Manasseh.  This made Ephraim the predominant tribe of Joseph and Manasseh became the 13th tribe.  It was a number that they carried with them, as we shall see later.

As discussed, the Union Jack symbolizes the crossed arms of the original Jack---Jacob. Americans are commonly called Yanks, after Jacob or Yacob.

The Hebrew word Succoth-ish, which Scottish comes from, means booths or one who dwells in a temporary dwelling.   And, as far as being in temporary dwellings or Succoth-ish, these descendants of Manasseh did indeed leave their home, when God cast them out of Israel and they have not returned to God, to this day.  They were cast out for worshipping a false god named Baal, who was the sun-god, his name meaning lord, and they still worship that false god to this day, on the day of the sun...Sunday! 

BAAL WORSHIP AND EVERGREEN TREE...connected to Ancient Sun Worship~

Jeremiah 10 describes some of the practices of the heathen Baal worshippers.  They cut a tree down and brought it in the home, they decorated it with silver and gold, they were dismayed at the signs of heaven *(the winter solstice was observed on December 25th as part of sun worship.)  Baal's wife was named Easter *(Ishtar) meaning east and her fertility symbols were bunny rabbits and eggs...sound familiar?  Guess what, bunny rabbits and eggs are not in the Bible as part of the worship of the true God.  Bringing a tree into the home is not in the Bible as part of the true worship of God.  It was, in fact, part of Baal worship or sun worship.  Israel refused to give it up, they picked it up in Egypt and the descendants of Josephs 2 sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, whose mother was Egyptian had and have a real proclivity for this false religion.  It was an Ephraimite who led the 10 "lost" tribes away into false worship.

And there is historical evidence and biblical references that back this up.  To be honest, I'll bet your preacher never told you that 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel disappeared over 2,500 years ago.  So for all you know, you could be a lost Israelite, especially if you bring a tree into the house at the time of the winter solstice, (meaning "sun stop") and that practice is certainly not in the Bible.  We know these lost tribes exist in the end time, because the book of Revelation lists all 12 tribes of Israel, except for Dan. Dan is left out, fulfilling Jacob's end time prophecy of Dan, "I have waited for your salvation, oh Lord." Genesis 49:18  

Instead, we see the tribe of Joseph with Manasseh listed separately.  Some might say that Ephraim is not listed, but as the "leading tribe" of Joseph, Ephraim is sometimes called Joseph.  Jacob laid his right hand on Ephraim, placing Ephraim ahead of Manasseh when he gave them the birthright blessings, so the tribe of Joseph has 2 tribes.  This makes Manasseh the 13th tribe!  And 13 has been their number.  Remember that when we start looking at their descendants who came to America.  13 colonies, the original flag had 13 stars, and it has 13 stripes. 


An article on this subject states, "The eagle on our official seal holds 13 arrows in its right claw and wears a shield of 13 bars. Above the eagle appears a cloud in which there are 13 stars. Our national motto, "E Pluribus Unum," which means "one out of many," has 13 letters. On the reverse side of the national seal is another motto containing 13 letters. It says, "Annuit Coeptis," meaning "He (the Lord) hath prospered our undertakings."  Yes, because they are part of the birthright tribe Joseph!


Now we see why God desired to instill the Egyptian mega builder Dna in them since it was these 2 tribes that  were to receive the birthright promises and become the 2 greatest nations on the earth.  And they became mega builders. If you add up the assets of the British Commonwealth of Nations, (*63 nations) including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and more with that of the United States, that is a huge chunk considering alone that America's GDP is 25% of the whole world economy.

People forget why the United States and the United Kingdom have been so blessed, controlling at one time all the major sea gates of the world.  God promised Abraham in Genesis 22:17, "... and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies.”  Our article called Abraham, Father of Many Nations says, "God had already promised Jacob earlier that “A nation and a company of nations shall be of thee" (Gen. 35:11). Can you think of any modern nation and company of nations that equal America, which is the greatest single nation and the British Commonwealth, which is indeed a great company of nations!  Don't these two national entities possess the gates of their enemies as Abraham was promised? Do they not have strategic bases all over the earth? Have they not increased greatly on the earth…With the Commonwealth, these 2 descendants of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh have possessed “gates” in “Hong Kong, Singapore, Gibraltar, Falklands, the Panama Canal, Philippines, The Suez Canal, Malta, etc.” Again!

Only Abrahams descendants are promised these gates! This came down from Abraham to Isaac...to Jacob...skipping Joseph, and going directly to his two boys Ephraim and Manasseh. 

First things first, God purposely put Egyptian mega builder Dna into these two Israelite boys and their descendants.  They had something different going for them.  I don't know if you have been to Egypt, but I have. They were mega builders.  Not only are there the gargantuan pyramids, but the temple complexes are massive beyond belief. We have also been to Rome and as I have said before, Rome looks like the Pee Wee Herman show compared to what the Egyptians built. You have to be there to understand how enormous the temple complexes in Egypt are, not to mention the pyramids! The point is this, the ability to go big is genetically designed to be in Ephraim and Manasseh, the 2 birthright tribes.

Do the 12 tribes of Israel still exist?

As our article Hunt for the 10 Lost Tribes states, Christ promised each of His 12 disciples future rulership over one of the 12 tribes of Israel at his return when He restores all things.  12 disciples to rule 12 tribes.  Really 13, the tribe of Joseph is represented by Ephraim and Manasseh, the Birthright boys.

So, bottom-line, there are lost tribes still out there.  In fact, Christ said, "I am not sent but to the lost tribes of the House of Israel."  Matthew 15:24 People gloss over this, but the lost tribes of the House of Israel were those 10 tribes that never came back from their Assyrian captivity, and they certainly don't live in Israel. James addressed his book to the 12 tribes scattered abroad, they were scattered, so they are not to be found in the small Middle Eastern nation of Israel. It is a remnant of the House of Judah, which also contained the tribe of Benjamin and some of Levi.  If the tribe of Manasseh is not in Israel, where are they now?  The House of Israel...aka the 10 LOST TRIBES were taken captive by the Assyrians in 722 b.c. and they are still out there.  Still believing that they are Gentiles...BUT THEY ARE NOT!  You may be an Israelite, and if you want to make a covenant with the real God of the Bible, you need to start keeping the 10 commandments and observe the 7th day Sabbath instead of Baal's day Sunday.


God told Jacob that his descendants would be as the dust of the earth.  God used terms with Abraham and reiterated them to Jacob, that those descendants would be numbered like the sand of the sea, the stars of heaven. Not a few, God wanted them to understand how many Israelites would exist in the future.  AND...the numbers are staggering. 

The skeptic will say, fine, they just disappeared and they no longer exist, but what does God say?  He said that he  would sift them through the nations and not one grain would drop to the ground.  Amos 9:9 says, "For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel

 among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall  not the least grain fall upon the



Not only that, the New Covenant is to be made with the House of Israel and the House of Judah.  The New Covenant has not been made with either House of Israel yet.  The 10 tribed House of Israel still worships Baal, the sun god with all the 8 holidays of the sun wheel.  These holidays are evenly spaced apart using solstices (sun-stop) and equinoxes. And include Samhain (Halloween), Yule (Christmas) May Day, Ground Hog Day, Easter, etc...(not in order.)  These same holidays are kept by all pagans and Satan worshippers too!  And are not in the Bible. So...the House of Israel is not under the covenant with the true God of the Bible yet...because they worship a false Jesus, one whom the Gnostics say is completely divine.  Christ had a Jewish heritage and He was a Jew and is our Jewish Messiah, who will rule from Jerusalem when he comes back to set up the permanent Kingdom of God on this earth.  Also...the Jews are not yet under the New Covenant either.  Yes, they have a relationship with the Creator because they keep the Sabbath covenant, but they cannot accept the pagan based Jesus of Gnostic Christianity.  They do not know the real Messiah yet, but they will when God brings them under the New Covenant and converts them.  So, both houses of Israel are not there yet...

Hebrews 8:8 tells us who the New Covenant will be with. "For finding fault with them, he says, Behold, the days come, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah..." God is going to yet again, revive Israel, the whole House of Israel will be restored, reunited and God will finally bring them back from their long ago captivity.  They will repent of worshipping the sun and start to worship the Son instead.  They will turn back to the true God and repent of their false worship, that is the only way they will have a New Covenant with the true God, because, they broke the old one when they took up Baal worship and Sunday.


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