One of the things that the ancient world did was shocking.  You have heard in the Bible that God said the firstborn belong to Him.  There was a reason.  Much of the ancient world practiced sacrifice of first born children.  We'll find out more later in the article, but Israel picked up this terrible practice while they were in Egypt for 400 years and exposed to worship of false gods.

This was a widespread practice, mentioned in He didn't want His nation of Israel to participate in this.   They were forbidden to "pass their children to Moloch."   (Lev. 18:21, 20:24)  They were expressly forbidden to pass their children through the fire.  (Deut 18:10)  But they did it, hard to imagine, but parents were taking their firstborn children up to the age of 5 and sacrificing them the sun god Baal.  Most likely pronounced ball.  The term bull comes from Baal. The modern day tribe of Ephraim is Britain.  They have the nickname "Johnny Bull,"  better put, Johnny Baal.  It was Jeroboam, of the tribe of Ephraim that lead all the 10 Northern tribes of Israel away from their true religion and fully into the practice of sun worship, or calve worship. 

These 10 rebellious tribes absolutely refused God's system of religion, which was the basis of civilization as we know it, and even the laws of this country are based on God's law "Thou shall not murder." 

God had told Jacob He would spread the Israelites north, south, east and west, and to accomplish that as well, God allowed the Assyrians to take them captive. Ancient Assyrian empire covered Iran, Iraq, Syria.  The 10 lost tribes were removed and taken north of the Euphrates, as Josephus told and from there, many went into Europe, taking their human sacrifice and false god with them. 


Even though they lost their identity, the vestiges of God's law was a civilizing factor.  Albeit, the term cannibal comes from "Cohen of Baal."  They did receive civilizing factors of law from God, but Israel's connections to their false sun worshipping religion made them worse than animals at times.  It is said the priests of Baal did the human sacrifices and they wore black, God's priests wore white.  We see the contrast of good and evil.  The priests of Baal burned the children alive in a monstrosity of a machine in the shape of a bull, this Moloch had outstretched arms that the child was place on, when the drums played (to drown out the cries of parents who had changed their minds) the arms dropped the child into the fire pit below.  The reason why the priests of Baal became known as cannibals, I don't have to draw a picture and will leave to your imagination.  The parents were coerced by these priests of false religion to do this.  They were told if they didn't their children would burn in the nether world forever and ever.  They gave them the alter call of all alter calls, these black clad preachers preached hard until the faithful (to the sun god) came and in the grove of evergreen trees, they laid their offering of their child down, bowing on one knee at the alter of Moloch. 

Think of it, would you give up keeping Christmas if you knew that it was based on human sacrifice of children.  Many would give it up, and many have.  The tradition was to cut an evergreen tree down and place it in the home, a doll (idol) most likely a clay effigy of the sacrificed child was placed under the tree.  This is where the tradition of dolls under evergreen trees came from.  On the high days, at the time of the winter solstice (sun stop) of December 25th, this evil was practiced.  And even to this day, it is still an element of modern Satan worship, and for the purposes of an article one time, I did go to see what activities they practice at the winter solstice (Dec. 25th) and no surprise, they list human sacrifice.  This practice of passing their children through the fire is mentioned in 6 books of the bible. 


Long ago, when the sun seemed to stop in the sky, anciently, they didn't understand, so the practice of human sacrifice was started to behoove the sun to come back.  It was supposedly a time of great peace and goodwill among men.  Baal was satisfied and would give blessings and good crops.  (not true of course, but they believed it.)  And this ancient practice was picked up by Israel while they were in Egypt.  And their are clues.  Have you ever wondered why the last and greatest plague that God put on Egypt of the 10 plagues was the death of the first born of Egypt.  Think about it, they were going to sacrifice them anyway and God took away their ability to do that.  That is why God told Israel, the firstborn belonged to him, so they were not responsible for them spiritually, and they felt less coerced to do it.

Israel was in Egypt for 400 years and they developed a great and seemingly unbreakable love for sun worship.  Only days after God brought them out of Egypt, with miracles that stun the mind, Moses was on the mountain receiving the 10 commandments, in the meantime, these bull headed Israelites (pun intended) set up a calve and rose up to play. (Had an orgy, sex was an institutional part of this false religion, and temple prostitutes from the origins of sun worship are probably where male and female prostitution both started.)  Moses brought the 10 commandments down to them, the basis of all civilization, coming straight from the true God, but these rebellious Israelites had already reverted back to calf worship, and no matter what God did or said to them, they could not seem to be broken of it.

In conclusion, this false religion and human sacrifice tendency must be in the DNA of Israelites.  They are not all bad, but they are still an immoral people, just as their ancient Israelite ancestors were, and they still slaughter their children, no longer in the arms of Moloch, but they do it in the arms of the real Moloch we know as Satan.  They do it through the means of abortion, to the tune of well over 1000 a day in this country alone.  The numbers of sacrificed children are 65 million and growing.  Will the lost Israelites ever abandon their false religion, will they ever abandon their steadfastness to sun worship and the bent to keep all sun worshipping high days, Sunday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and will they ever abandon making the choice of killing their own children through abortion? 

They will someday, but you don't have to wait, you can start now.  How?  What does God want you to do?  Keep the commandments.  That is the new covenant that you need to make with the true God, the New Covenant says that God will write His laws in their hearts and in their minds.   How do you know if you have the New Covenant with God?  Easy, do you want to keep God's law?  Is His Law written in your heart and in your mind? 

Do you agree to keep His peaceful system of laws which are the basis of civilization, you don't kill, don't lie, don't steal...and you choose to be a good person.  Knowing that the purpose of the law is not your salvation, but it points you in the direction God wants you and all society to go.  It shows what God expects of us concerning our brother, and concerning Himself. 

But, above all, we must not say anymore that we keep these false holidays "for the sake of the children"....because that is for sure, a straight up lie. 

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"And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom,

 to cause  their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto  Molech;

 which I commanded them  not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do

 this abomination...."  Jeremiah 32:35