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 GOD IS NOT A RESPECTER OF PERSONS                download here

 THE FINAL TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE (streaming)                                                                                                                                                                             *download here

*** Feed My Sheep... streaming         download here

James Throgmorton speaks about the fact that Christ spoke of "spiritual food" here, not physical.  The "Feast of Atonement" is a fast day, yet it is called a "feast" day by God.  It is a feast day of spiritual things.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

 James Throgmorton lays out God's best tool for understanding the Bible.

***The Forgotten and Ignored Focal Point of the Bible Part One  James Throgmorton stresses the focal point of the whole Bible that is often ignored and misunderstood.

***The Forgotten and Ignored Focal Point of the Bible Part Two


***Fallacy of Pauline Theology

James Throgmorton exposes a fraudulent teaching used by basically all of modern so called Christianity.  It is this...they say that the Apostle Paul changed the teachings of the early church and original Apostles and they say Paul changed the concepts that Jesus Christ taught His own disciples.  (Primarily obedience to the Law of God.)

Money Changers in the House of God

James Throgmorton explains Exodus 20


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This sermon was given on the Day of Trumpets.  It draws a fascinating comparison between the fall of Jericho and the seven trumpets of Revelation.


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This sermon is the next in a series that deals with correctly understanding the importance of the day of Atonement.  And it's connection to the establishment of the Kingdom of God at the return of Christ. This sermon was recorded on the Day of Atonement last year by James Throgmorton.


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A sermon that covers the interesting subject of the scapegoat and the real meaning of it.  This sermon covers the real importance of the Day of Atonement


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A frank discussion of the failure of religious organizations and institutions to correct their mistakes, misconduct and errors.  Examples of several organizations are discussed by James Throgmorton.


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James Throgmorton speaks on what is going on in the middle East right now, and how prophecy is being fulfilled.  We are living in Bible times!

*DON'T COMPROMISE...beware of wolves!

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James Throgmorton speaks on the dangers of compromise, when it comes to the truth!

*The Evil Servant of Matthew 24

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James E. Throgmorton explains the often ignored part of the olivet prophecy.

*The Church...Reflections and Perceptions

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James E. Throgmorton
This sermon is about the Church of God.  An organization that should not be about men but about Jesus Christ.  Here he discusses the many downfalls of the church over the years and what we should really be trying to do as a church.


*Religious Leaders, Past and Present
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James E. Throgmorton
This sermon concerns the two kinds of religious leaders, those that belong to God and those that don't.  Based on the book of Ezekiel, it lasts approximately 27 minutes.
*Fruits of the Spirit:
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If you have God's spirit, it should make positive changes in your character.  Learn more about human conduct and how to grow up spiritually.  This in depth sermon was given in front of a live audience. It lasts approximately 38 minutes.