You hear it all the time, "Shame on God, why did he let that happen (murder, rape, death, disaster...etc).  One can fill in the blank, but God gets the blame. Even in insurance terms, "Acts of God" refers to sudden disaster of all kinds that God is held responsible for.  How many times have you heard of a baby dying and people said "God wanted that baby with Him, so he took it from it's mother, (inferring that He is heartless.)

Really, God can't catch a break, not with mankind he can't.  Even seemingly religious people don't seem to understand that God has nothing to do with what goes on here on this earth...right now. You hear about people who feel that if they stub their toe, God is telling them something, yet when we read about Sodom and Gomorrah, God says I'll go down there and see if they have done according to the cry of it, which has come to me, and if not, I will know. He stays and talks to Abraham, but His 2 angels go down to Sodom and Gomorrah to get the report for God.  So the concept that you stub your toe or bump your head, it's a message from God is not right, nor how it works.  God does not rule this world in any way.

And, God is also not democratic. He has a system already in place, and this is what made Adam and Eve so mad, under God's system, we don't get a vote on how things go. If we are on God's team, we submit to Him, He is the boss, and we do things His way (God's laws).  But Adam and Eve rebelled against that, and all their children have rebelled against God ever since, but without a relationship with the real God, there is no eternal life for any man. So Satan lies to them and tells them, no worries, you already have eternal life, you don't really need God. Which was dead wrong.


Satan rules this world and has since Adam and Eve made that eventful decision of who they wanted to go with in the Garden of Eden. They chose the charming one. I gather that Satan used smooth appealing words. I guess they liked his "tone" better. God had told them that if they disobeyed that they would die, they didn't want to hear that, but Satan (called the good lord by Gnostics) lied to them and assured them that they would not die. 


He had sinned and he hadn't died, and he lied to them about their "immortality."  God had said if Adam and Eve sinned, that they would die, Satan's lie of immortality was the beginning of false religion, which they chose over what God taught. Men picked up the false concept that at death they would ascend up to heaven and be equals to God in that they also would be immortal beings.


Men can become immortal, but only if they go through the real Jesus Christ. (He was the real "tree of (eternal) life" in the Garden)  But, we see "another Jesus", a counterfeit Jesus mentioned by Paul. This fake Gnostic Jesus was different from the real one in many ways, for one thing, he opposed the God of the Old Testament, and the fake Jesus promised to replace God and do away with the curse of all the old laws. Sound like anyone we know?  It was Adam and Eve's replacement for God, Satan the serpent. This faux Jesus Paul spoke of was none other than Satan himself. Adam and Eve's choice.

The Gnostic Jesus was all lies by the way.  For example, the Bible says that no man has heard God's (the Father) voice at any time. God the father did not deal with men directly, He spoke to men through Jesus Christ, logos, meaning the spokesperson for God.  God the Father also had others speak for Him, angels sometimes did, or even the prophets. And the many men in the Old Testament who saw God and talked to Him, were speaking to Christ the spokesperson and co-member of the God family. 

Christ was co-God of the Old and New Testaments, in other words, there are 2 Gods, one (the father) was involved but did not have direct contact with men, and one was to become the future messiah of the world who dealt face to face and directly with men, they were co-rulers, co-Gods.  And, one of them was the creator, open your mind and get rid of preconceived ideas that are all lies and read the actual exact words of John. Speaking of Christ we know he was the spokes person and we know that he was the actual creator.

"He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.John 1:10


Not only did Adam and Eve reject Jesus Christ, the creator of the world, in partial cahoots with Satan, they murdered Him. Satan knew who Christ really was, but mankind did not.  They did what they did in ignorance. It says "The world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not."

The world did not realize when they killed Christ, that they had just murdered the creator of the whole world...but it was all meant to be and for a good purpose.  Something that people don't know about eternal life. The bible says that the wages of sin is death, (eternal death) but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Christ's death was the gift that the creator gave to mankind, He passed on His sinlessness to us in the act of baptism. When one is baptized, their old self goes under the water (buried) and the new man comes up and out of the water.  The old man is left behind, and the new man is now on God's team and not on Satan's team anymore.  The new man strives to obey God in every manner, and rejects his old Dna, lifestyle, sins, and human flaws. He chooses Christ instead of Satan, and at his real death, this person who is fighting their old self becomes a perfect un-sinning God being, made in the image of God for real now, because the spirit of God that was in him allows him to be transformed to a newly born spiritual being.

In killing Christ, His perfect life would be the tool used to redeem mankind, that through his death, men would eventually be able to be "redeemed" and attain the immortality that Satan had falsely told them they already had. Here's the kicker, the Bible says that only God has immortality. So will we be like angels or will we be like God?


When God (plural word Elohim) said in the Garden of Eden, "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness." Why would they do that?  If one has children, do they not look like their parents?  Cats don't have puppies. We are of the God "species".  And we will look like our parents.  God is a family name by the way. There can be more that one member.  Right now, there are 2 members, God the Father and His son Jesus Christ, the messiah. The Hebrew word Elohim (God in the plural) is used over 2000 times in the Bible, and yet the translators always translated it in the singular, because the concept did not fit with their traditions. People falsely think sometimes that they will go to heaven and be an angel. Not. No, Never. Remember, only God hath immortality, and this final scripture says that our perishable self will be clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, just like our spiritual Father and Brother.