All Israel Will Be Saved......

"And so all Israel shall be saved..."
Romans 11:26


"Are you saved???"  That is the question you hear sometimes from religious folks.  But, that is a simplistic question.  If we look at the Bible, the real subject is, "Are you an Israelite, since the Bible says that all Israel will be saved.   The word "Israel" simply means "prevailer with God."  And the scriptures teach this when it says "he that endures (or "prevails") to the end shall be saved."  Matthew 10:22    But this is the thing, you can be a physical Israelite by birth, or you can be an "adopted" Israelite of any race, but you must connect yourself to the true God of Israel before you can be saved.  How can ALL of Israel be saved, as Paul stated so clearly?  It's not as hard as it looks.   One has to become a SPIRITUAL Israelite to be saved...or condemned. 

One little tidbit that gives us a clue to the meaning of all of this, is in the article called "The Road to Hell."  If you've read it, you probably remember how the potter's field is going to be the future spot where Gehenna fire is located on the earth at the return of Christ.  The Potters Field was purchased by the priests to make a cemetery for foreigners.   It was also the location where ancient Israel worshipped their "foreign" gods.  Gehenna also called "hell" is a place for those whose sins have cut them off from God.  They are in essence "spiritual foreigners" to Him!  The funny thing is that some who are Israelite by birth will be spiritual gentiles to God.  And some who are gentiles by birth, will be spiritual Israelites in Gods sight. 

God is no racist, and He never has been!  Any one of any race can become an Israelite "by adoption."  Caleb is a good example of this.  He was one of only two men who came out of Egypt and was allowed to go into the promised land.  Yet, he was a gentile and an Edomite by birth.  Caleb is a popular boys name, but people might be surprised to know that the name Caleb means "mad dog."  It fit him.  He was a zealous and amazing man.  He was a non-Israelite, but because of his true devotion to the true God of Israel, he was made a "prince of Judah."  God wants those that worship Him to do it in Spirit and in truth.  John 4:23-24 says, "But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."   Those that do this are the true Israelites in God's sight.  They have become Spiritual Israelites by fully adopting God's whole system of religion.  

All one has to do to become "a real Israelite" is to worship the true God of Israel and to live by His system of laws, statutes and judgments, just like Caleb did.   And the whole world will someday be prompted by God to convert to His religion and be part of His kingdom!  And those that refuse will be considered "foreigners" in the future kingdom of God and they will be rejected by Him as such.  The potter's field cemetery for foreigners is located right in the valley of Gehenna...(hell.)   This cemetery for foreigners was a type of the future rejection by God of "spiritual foreigners" in the future kingdom of God.  Each person will eventually have to choose whether they want to become a legal citizen of the coming kingdom of God that Jesus Christ came to proclaim.  Or to separate themselves forever from God.  But, in the end, all Israel will be saved.

If you want to read more about the significance of the Potter's field which is located in the valley of Gehenna----and, if you want to learn where the Bible says hell will be located, click on the link below to go directly to this article!  

  "The Road to Hell"


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