The 23rd chapter of the book of Leviticus gives a comprehensive list of GODíS HOLY DAYS. These days and calendar system date from the Exodus and are based on the harvest season in Israel. These days also outline GODíS PLAN OF SALVATION FOR MANKIND. These days (FEASTS) are commanded throughout the Bible, JESUS CHRIST and the Apostles including Paul observed these days as bluntly stated in the New Testament.

If you are truly interested in OBEDIENCE TO GOD, then you must have a calendar system that connects you to the past and to the days that were observed by JESUS CHRIST and The Apostles. That calendar system has existed for thousands of years and EXISTS TODAY. That calendar system is THE JEWISH CALENDAR, and it is the only calendar that is based on the Biblical system and that has the necessary connection to the past. DONíT BE ANTI-SEMITIC, it will not help you find the truth, in fact that attitude will prevent true understanding. Romans 3 verses 1 and 2.

A calendar that is of any age lasting benefit must measure time into the past as well as into the future. Future events are based on past events. The Jewish calendar is lunar-solar-seasonal, thus it is a more complex calendar and ultimately more accurate. The civil Gregorian calendar is solar and the months have lost their relationship to the lunar cycle. The Mohammedan calendar is totally lunar, but during a 33 year cycle it wanders through all four seasons. A Biblically based calendar system must be lunar and solar and match the harvest seasons to meet the criteria that the Bible requires.

Some individuals insist on creating their own calendar system based on lunar cycles and astronomical measurements. If maintained, these man-made calendar systems can point to the future, but they have no past time reference. The misled individuals who try to create their own calendars---just ďcreate their own calendars,Ē which have no connection to GODíS CALENDAR.


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