Up until 500 years ago, many people thought the earth was flat.  Just 500 years ago, some people believed that you would fall off the earth if you traveled to the edge of it. Not only that, they believed the earth was the center of the universe.  Men were tortured and died for teaching that the distant stars were suns.  "Giordano Bruno was burned alive for asserting that the stars were distant suns with planets orbiting around them."  That was heresy, according to the church.

What did the Bible teach?  The Bible taught thousands of years ago that there is more than one planet.  2 Kings 23:5 says, "TO THE SUN, AND TO THE MOON, AND TO THE PLANETS, AND TO ALL THE HOST OF HEAVEN."  The Bible has all along "flattened" the flat earth concept, because Isaiah 40:22 says that God sits on the circle of the earth.  The Bible is and always has been a book ahead of it's time. 

People might ask, how is it possible that the Bible taught that the star cluster called the Pleiades is gradually spreading apart and going in different directions?  When there were no telescopes or computers when this was written?

In Job 38:31-32, God asks Job,

"Canst thou bind (hold together) the sweet influences of Pleiades..."

There are many other examples where the Bible has been right.  It has been discovered in that past few years that eagles can see tiny objects from great distances. Not surprisingly, Job 39:27,29 says, "The eagle…she seeks the prey, and her eyes behold afar off."

And, I saw a program a couple of weeks ago about Noah's Ark.  An engineer studying the Ark was intrigued by the specifications, and wondered if it would actually float.  So, he built blueprints of the Ark, according to the Bible.  It took him several years, and he died before he could submit them for testing.  Later, his family gathered together his material.  The expert they gave it to was interviewed on television and he said that when they came in with it, he was just going to have a laugh, look at it for 5 minutes and trash can it.  But, he replied, that he quickly stopped laughing and after several hours of entering the information into his computer, he was totally amazed to find that the Ark did in fact, fit all the requirements for functional marine vessels of today. 

None of this surprises us.  We know who made the earth, and the sea and the stars and all things.  The Bible is a book ahead of it's time, because the creator of all things inspired it.





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