by Cindy Throgmorton

The reason it is hard for you to change...

I don't think we realize how much of our parents (and grandparents)"live" inside of us.  The other day, I started thinking about things I do, and I said to myself almost shocked, "My dad does that!"  All this time, I thought I was just "me being me."  I thought of many other things that I am a carbon copy of my mom on.  For one thing, I don't like to wear makeup, so if I have to dress up, I just put on a little lipstick.  Mom did that too.  In fact, I really don't like to dress up at all and my mom was like that.  When I think about it, it's downright scary.  All of this can be a good thing if one has good parents with first-rate character and not so good if one doesn't. 

I saw a show about twins that illustrate this.  Twin boys were born to a Jewish mother and a German father.  The marriage failed early on, so each parent took a child to live with them.  The mother raised her son in Israel and the Father raised his son in South America. Years later, the two grown boys decided to finally meet.  As the one twin stepped off the train, they both gasped as they saw that they were wearing the exact same outfit, down to the shoes.  That might seem strange, but something similar actually happened to me. 

My sister and I both went shopping in a huge clothing store.  We separated in the store and met back at the car.  When we compared what we had bought, we had both bought the exact same pink blouse in that huge place.  What are the odds of that? 

The Bible speaks of something called, "the sins of the fathers."  It is not really complicated.  It is the particular set of "sins" that our genetic code passes down to us from past generations.  Some people are thieves by nature, some have sexual deviancies by nature, some are liars by nature, etc.

We are a "mix" of 4 separate sets of DNA (our grandparents).  We may have gotten grandma's green eyes and who knows, we may have also gotten her tendency to lie about things too.  It is hard to fight something that you are born with.  Do you naturally have a streak of anger?  Are you cold by nature?  All these things do not happen by accident.  You inherited these things from your "fathers."

What can we do?  Pretty much, we have to recognize that we are trapped by our human nature in some ways.   It is automatic, and the only way to fight it, is to recognize that this is how it is.  We thankfully have an override button called "free will."  If we want to, we can change.  I'm not saying that it is easy.  It takes thought and effort.  I can't tell you where you need to change because the sins of your fathers are different than mine, but we can change--if we recognize where we need to change and we really try to change.  

We won't succeed at it perfectly, but the effort is what counts.  Converted individuals have an extra tool that can be used to help change their inherited human nature.  Through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can work diligently to emulate the nature and character of the God Family.  We must diligently seek the character of Jesus Christ and God the Father and want to be like them.