What is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?


I know that most of what we think we know is dead wrong.  For example, I watched a show called Myths of the Titanic.  Half of what we believe about this and every other subject in this world are lies.  The program stated that it is common knowledge that women and children were the only ones let onto the boats, and that is partly true, but more men from first class made it out alive than children in third class.  It appears that the Captain may have had the people in third class temporally "detained" while they loaded the more wealthy first and second class patrons.  Over 80% of the third class perished.  Less of the first class died than the third class.

The Captain was portrayed as a great hero of his day, but the program Myths of the Titanic felt that he let everyone down on that ship in more ways than one.  He was receiving constant ice warnings, but he chose to make close to top speed through perilous waters despite the many ice warnings given out to all the ships in the area.  For one reason, he honestly felt that the ship was unsinkable.  This is one reason why people on the ship did not panic and many refused to get on the lifeboats. They had been told that the ship could not be sunk. It had even been publicly stated that "even God Himself could not sink this ship."

The telegraph operator is hailed in his time as a great hero.  The program stated that He was more occupied with sending out messages for the rich patrons of the Titanic than heeding the many ice warnings. I'm sure that He was doing his it was a luxury liner, and this was a new convenience for patrons, but the program stated that had he taken some of the last most ominous ice warnings up to the bridge instead of laying them to the side, at least it would have been on them to respond or not.  

Myths of the Titanic stated that the mate who loaded the lifeboats on the port side was hailed as another great hero of the Titanic, movies have been made about him, but he sent out many of the only 20 lifeboats only a quarter full, or half full.  (My note, in his defense, it is probable that the Captain had given strict orders to only load women and children.)  But, the program stated that he wouldn't let men in his boats even if they were only half full, and even when all the first and second class women and children on his side were loaded. In fact, Myths of the Titanic stated that five times more men were saved on the starboard side, than on his side. 

The press of that day fabricated many heroic stories before they even knew any of the details so they could sell papers, and the "heroes" of these fabricated stories were always rich and famous people in first class. The press made up much of what was first written immediately after the tragedy, simply because no one even knew what had happened on that ship for a while. That is typical. 

Changing the subject, it is important that we understand that much of what we read and hear these days, are lies as well.  For example, many things we see on television are just plain fiction.  There were no such things as slave galleys in history.  You've seen the movies where rows of slaves man the oars with whips being slashed across their backs.  This is a TV fantasy that writers created.!  Also, you've seen the movies where they have to keep the murderer on the phone long enough so that they can trace the call?  Again all fiction.  They have always been able to immediately trace phone calls. The hold them on the line thing is complete writers fiction...added for drama. This just shows that if lies get repeated long enough, traditions can "become truth."  Because of this process, no one knows the real and complete truth about anything anymore.  So much of what we think we know is just plain wrong.

The knowledge of the tree of good and evil is what we have right now.  It is the internet, it is the libraries, and all sources of trusted information. Yes there is truth on the internet and in libraries, but it is all mixed together with many lies. How can we know anything for sure with so many lies to sort through?  That is the problem...we can't.  That is the price we pay because our mother and father Adam and Eve chose to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil...the parents have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge.  And sadly until Jesus Christ comes back and restores all things, that is what we have to deal with.....

Published By: The Churches Of God Copyright 2006
Pocahontas, AR