We've all heard the worn out phrase "Education is the answer."  But is it really? 

People with anorexia know that they will die if they stop eating, but knowledge of it is not enough.  People with lung cancer sometimes die with a cigarette tucked in their tracheotomy hole.  Had education been the answer, they would have heeded the warning on the pack and added many years to their lives.  No, in truth, education is only part of the answer.  What is the whole answer?  It is to take your teaching from the right source.  When you do, then you will have true knowledge and wisdom, which is the advantageous use of it. 

Our problem is not always knowing what is right and not doing it.  In many cases, we are just dead wrong in our thinking.   Below is the library at Trinity College in Dublin.  We were there 3 years ago.   I don't know exactly how old this library is, but the books are old, dusty and  crumbly.   We could safely say the information in this library is outdated and mostly useless.  But at the time this library was first built, they no doubt perceived themselves as the most educated and enlightened generation that had ever lived.

We all do that.  It was not 200 years ago that the best medical minds were still bleeding patients.  The Father of our Country, George Washington died from this medical mayhem.  The story goes that he woke up early in the morning with a really sore throat and he couldn't breath well.  The doctors were called in and he was diagnosed with "Inflammatory Quinsy."  They bled him immediately, and long story short---they bled him 5 times or more throughout the day and he passed away that evening.  "My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

Whew! We don't do that anymore, so are we safe to think that we are the most enlightened and educated society that has ever lived?  No.  We may not bleed people but we do things just as silly. 

Have you seen any of the drug commercials lately? You take "xxx drug" and the announcer says: "Side effects are vomiting, hair loss, fainting spells, liver and heart damage."  So people take the drug for their blemishes, hangnails or whatever and then 1 year later, you see an ad on television where "xxx drug" has been pulled off the market because it has caused several deaths.  All humanity is ignorant.  I am. You are.  The greatest minds on earth are.  All the knowledge on the face of the earth is less than a drop in the bucket compared to what God knows.  "The wisdom of this world is nonsense in God's sight."   Paraphrased version 1 Corinthians 3:19

God knows the scoop.  Knowing this, it is hard to understand the incident in the Garden of Eden.  If Eve wanted "knowledge" so bad, why didn't she get it from the greatest source of knowledge ever?   No, she and Adam did not want God.  It is because man rejects God's moral standards. (No rape, no murder, no stealing, no lying, no adultery, etc...)  But God and His standards are part of the whole package of right knowledge and wisdom, and eternal life. 

All mankind followed Adam and Eve and we too have rejected God and what He has to offer.  Even though all of this is ultimately part of God's plan, it is not hard to see why God has let man wallow in ignorance.  And we live under Satan's rule to this day.  Even ignorant of that. ("Satan has deceived the whole world." Revelation 12:9)

Go on the internet, there is plenty of new knowledge...but, the internet has more garbage in it than the dump.  Just remember, much of what we hear on television is not true, much of the information in libraries is not true.  Much of what is taught in College is not true.  The truth unfortunately  is mixed in with all the lies and no one is able to discern which is which anymore.  Mankind has always partaken of the forbidden "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil."  Simply meaning the world chooses to get it's information from Satan.  And look what we have gotten for it...






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