Autism ...and The Vitamin D Deficiency Connection

More and more information is coming out on the connection between autism and low vitamin D.  How I came across all this, is that I was looking at a map of autism rates and saw they were higher in the northern states.  That tweaked my brain, and then I started googling "autism and vitamin D."  D is the "sunshine" vitamin, since your body makes it when sunlight touches your skin.  Information is just now coming out on all of this.  In a large Somali settlement in Sweden, they now call autism "The Swedish Disease," because their children don't get it in Somalia, a warm climate, but they do in Sweden! 

There are stories of children who were unable to talk and with correction of this deficiency, were able to regain their speech.   We have an idea about what might be the initiator of autism!

Some say the vaccines are a factor in the onset of autism, and even after they took the mercury out, children are still getting autism.  At one time, 1 in 10,000 was affected, and now some say 1 in 68.  They predict in the next couple of decades it will increase to 1 in 5 children! 

GLUTEN...the initiator!

Mercury was removed from the vaccines and that should have fixed the problem, but it didnít.  We now know that they use a gluten base to make the vaccines and come to find out, gluten depletes vitamin D.  The secret is not to avoid the vaccines but to simply be sure that the mother when pregnant gets enough D and that after the child is born, that they have sufficient D to protect them. 

But with low D caused from the vaccines and then the child is fed a high gluten diet as well, (wheat, processed lunch meats, some highly flavored chips and junk food, most canned soups, and pretty much most processed foodsÖ) then it is hard for them to ever get out of the hole and especially if the mom uses sunscreen on them anytime they go outside, since our bodies make vitamin D when the sunlight touches our skin.  

Of course, we have to use wisdom.  Itís not good to get sunburned for sure, but we all need an appropriate healthy amount of sunshine for good health!  And people need natural foods that have not been blasted with gluten to make them artificially taste good.  Of course, you can discuss all this with your health provider.  And, if you like, you can Google "vitamin D and autism" to find a massive amount of additional information on the web! 


In the 1990s, autism began to slowly explode, it was at this time that folic acid was being added to so many processed foods.  98% of children with autism have a genetic flaw that does not allow them to break down folic acid (Pteroyl-l-glutamate) Between the food processors using wheat that had higher levels of gluten, and they add add'l gluten to the foods for flavoring, and they add extra follic acid (gluten), these kids don't have a chance.  This is new information and it is just now coming out and of course, there is always resistance to new ideas. Vitamin D is important to these kids.  Vitamin D blocks glutamate.

This is new information and it is just now coming out and of course, there is always resistance to new ideas.  I remember not long back, they didnít know that ulcers were caused by bacteria, and the cure was low stress and drink milk!  New information comes out all the time.  Glad they are learning more about the connection between vitamin D deficiency and autism.  Vitamin D blocks glutamate, and one thing to remember is that vitamin A blocks vitamin D.  Kid's that are given high doses of A, will not see the same results, since it blocks the much needed vit. sD.

Of course, discuss any health decisions with your own health provider!  We are just bringing up some interesting things to look at.

Many people are having success with wheat free and dairy free diets too.  Eating organic foods, avoiding cooking food in plastic in a microwave.